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Rosko News: Emperor Rosko's DJ Book parts one and two will finally be available for the first time ever as an audiobook, and read by myself. We anticipate the audiobook being completed and on sale later this year but keep checking back, as an audio sample of the book will be on this site sometime soon, plus you'll get a special pre-order price here and be able to receive it before anyone else!


A big thank you to everyone who has ordered a personal radio show. The shows have proven to be very popular lately. Click here for more info.


Remember, you can still get the ebook and other goodies including the very popular Emperor Rosko Personal Radio Shows right here.


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Emperor Rosko's much sought after classic DJ book is now available in ebook format for the very first time. The ebook includes the original book in its entirety, plus the long awaited part two, picking up where the old book left off back in 1976 and completing the Rosko story. Taking us on a journey from radio to life on the road as a DJ in the States and back again, read the anecdotes only Rosko tells best, including inside info on Hollywood wrap gigs and partying with the Rolling Stones.


Photos from the original edition are included along with many unpublished Rosko images. Includes many rare press clippings.




The original 1976 classic book in its entirety.

Part Two: Continuing the Rosko story - When Rosko met Savile - Unseen photographs

New foreword by Johnny Beerling.

278 pages.


Click to buy it now. Only £3.99


Did you know my version of Al Capone on the Trojan label wasn't my original? It was actually a re-recording and I did the first cut way before that!


We think my first version is best, but it's very rare, so we've put together a special 'Al Capone Pack' just for you!


The Al Capone Pack contains:


* Original version of Al Capone by Emperor Rosko (mp3)

* Trojan version of Al Capone by Emperor Rosko (mp3)

* Front and back picture cover scans of the original 45

* Label scan of the original 45

* Label scan of the first Trojan 45




Emperor Rosko DJ eBook


A personal radio show presented by the legendary Emperor Rosko is the ideal gift for any occasion. Your personal radio show is all about you or your chosen recipient. Every link is a personal dedication or message from a family member.


A one hour broadcast dedicated to you or your chosen recipient, personal radio shows make the ideal, highly entertaining gift and are playable on the night if you're throwing a party. A personal radio show also gives you the opportunity to choose music in the show! Simply supply us with personal messages and dedications from friends and family and we do the rest.


Emperor Rosko will feature all the information you have provided in your unique personal radio show presented in his inimitable style and recorded at the Los Angeles studio. Read More....



Emperor Rosko Well Wicked CD Rosko Sings And Causes Pain CD

ROSKO SINGS AND CAUSES PAIN: The Complete Collection 1967 - 1995

1. Grabbit The Rabbit  2. Rock And Jive  3. Rap-Par-Tee  4. Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget  5. Swing On A Star  6. Do The Pogo  7. The Guns Of Al Capone 8. Opposite Lock  9. The Man's Suspicious  10. Hey Sha-No-Nay  11. Frenchy Connection  12. Ben Ali  13. 12 Hours With You  14. Take It In  15. Heya  16. I'm Alive  17. Mother Trucker C.B. Song


WELL WICKED: The Forgotten 45s (Rosko Productions 1969 - 1975)

1. Barry St. John - Cry Like A Baby  2. Barry St. John - Long And Lonely Night  3. Bob Rich - Xmas In My Pants  4. Bob Rich - My Woman  5. CMJ - Step Around It  6. CMJ - La La La  7. Chabonbons - Jamaica Ska  8. Chabonbons - Ska And Lollypop  10. Judy Angel - Xmas Holiday  11. Judy Angel - Crazy Xmas  12. Mammapappiatis - Medley  13. Mark Ansley - 909  14. Mark Ansley - Venus  15. Muff - Hurdy Gurdy  16. Muff - Why Did You Leave Me  17. Muffins - Macarena  18. Skalites - Jamaica Ska  19. Surfonics - Let Us Dance   20. Vocorders - Crazy Xmas  21. Old Smithy Studio - Rosko Jingles Read More....


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