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The ideal gift - and you are the star! A personal radio show presented by the legendary Emperor Rosko is the ideal gift for any occasion.


Your personal radio show is all about you or your chosen recipient. Every link is a personal dedication or message from a family member.


A one hour broadcast dedicated to you or your chosen recipient, personal radio shows make the ideal, highly entertaining gift and are playable on the night if you're throwing a party.


Our offer gives you the opportunity to choose three specific songs in the show! Simply supply us with your choices along with personal messages and dedications from friends and family, and we do the rest. Emperor Rosko will feature all the information you have provided in your unique radio show presented in his inimitable style and recorded especially for you at the Los Angeles studios.

One Hour Personal Radio Show: £99.99

Product Description:


A unique one hour radio show dedicated to the recipient where you choose the top three songs! Ideal gift for wedding receptions, birthday parties etc, to give your guests an hour's entertainment by the legendary Emperor Rosko with family and friends messages and dedications throughout.


What is a personal radio show?


A personal radio show is a professional broadcast recorded especially for the recipient. The broadcast contains family messages and dedications throughout, making it the ideal gift for any occasion.


Can I order a personal radio show for myself?


Of course! A personal radio show can be all about you or your chosen recipient.


What kind of music is played in a show?


Three songs can be chosen by you and the show can be themed with music from any specific era.


Why are personal radio shows so popular?


Personal radio shows are versatile - they can be given to the recipient as a private gift, or played at parties on special occasions. The show's style and duration are specified by you to fit your special occasion or event. Guests at parties are usually very surprised when the DJ plays a personally dedicated Emperor Rosko show containing messages and dedications from friends and family!


How long does it take to get a personal radio show?


When we have all the required information, you will receive your show within seven days via digital delivery.


Can I reserve a show in good time for a special occasion?


You can reserve a show months in advance by ordering a package today.


Can I ask a question not listed above?


You sure can! Use the contact tab on the main menu to get in touch or click here.


A personal Emperor Rosko show is the perfect gift, supplied to you in the digital format (via email). Suitable for your house party or any event. 




Personal Radio Shows Copyright © Emperor Rosko 2017        

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